International Women’s Day 2019


Having been raised in a multicultural, Colombian and Irish, home, I am thankful that I can raise my daughter in a world where multiculturalism is no longer taboo, but welcomed! Multicultural homes are growing by leaps and bounds, and schools with 20 or more languages represented are becoming the norm.

As a multicultural mom raising a multicultural daughter, I believe that children who grow up within cultural diversity are more likely to learn that the world is a big place at a young age: they understand that people speak different languages because often their own family members do, they may worship differently, they are likely to eat more varied foods… and the list goes on and on. Plus, school becomes more interactive; learning geography is no longer something you read about in a textbook, it’s a world view they may have experienced first-hand.  These experiences and this knowledge provides emotional benefits, allowing kids to feel more confident about the world around them. Being a mom to a multicultural daughter has taught me many lessons!  

International Women’s Day 2019 is one day we love to celebrate here at Venus Media Group! I get so much joy in recognizing the strides women have made in the world today. Krystal and I founded this company hoping to help lift up women in this marketplace even more. We are experts at targeting women of all ethnicities, backgrounds, shapes, sizes and interests. And because of who we are and our own experience we are exactly who you want as a partner when targeting multicultural women.



Women Reaching Women to Impact the Bottom Line for Advertisers is a Key Focus

Venus Media Group, which specializes in reaching women through smarter media buying, has opened with offices in New York City and Orlando, FL. The new agency helmed by industry vets Cathy Murphy and Krystal Morris has already been tapped by CPG clients as well as clients in the healthcare and finance sector. The duo brings more than 30 years of combined media experience to the table.

“Women influence 83% of the buying power in this country and reaching this audience takes experience and know how,” says Krystal Morris, co-founder. Morris adds that one brand alone might be targeting different age groups, ethnicities, and regions and that’s where our specialization comes in. We not only understand the lives of busy women, we are those women.”

Murphy and Morris are working mothers themselves who share the same ethnicity, both descending from Hispanic roots. They bring the experience of living in a multicultural family to the office. The duo helps clients navigate the ever-changing media landscape whether it’s through traditional media or by forging relationships with like-minded brands to create a larger opportunity for their clients.

Prior to founding Venus Media Group, Murphy has led sales teams in the broadcast, digital and social media space. She has held positions at CBS, Pandora, and Facebook. Co-founder Morris is known for managing direct response multi-media campaigns. Having worked in both media sales and with an agency allows them to provide their clients with a full understanding of the challenges of running the business. They also provide results that keep their clients at the forefront of the female audience.

“Culturally, these past two years have proven that women are demanding to be heard, to be approached with messages that resonate and that they are not settling at home or at work,” said Cathy Murphy. “The spending power of women is estimated at $30 Trillion in the U.S. Our mission is to take our clients’ messages and provide a solution for not only getting the attention of their target audience but in doing so impact the bottom line,” says Murphy.

Venus Media Group is a woman owned business. The agency works with B to C clients across many categories to efficiently target the female audience using a variety of media channels and platforms.

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Laura Baddish

Why VMG?


Every night, just before my 6-year-old daughter falls asleep, I tell her that she is kind, smart, strong, beautiful, and funny. It’s become our mother-daughter mantra, although I find that I often repeat it to myself to remind me of who I am and who I want to be.

Krystal and I each have young daughters, so we understand first-hand how hard the working mom balancing act can be. In today’s culture, many women (whether they are managing careers, families, or both) face an extreme level of pressure and stress. They are each basically Wonder Woman, embodying all of those adjectives that I repeat to my daughter every night. They are also exhausted. A typical day goes from packing bags and lunches to speaking at an executive lunch to planning date night later that evening.

We are on the front line of the conversations women are having with each other about how to not only deal with it, but evolve from it. And that is exactly why we started Venus Media Group.  We want to help women. We want them to see and learn about brands that understand and support them and to discover the products and experiences that are going to make their lives easier.

To do that, we work with our clients to define and strategize how to precisely target this female consumer.  Step one is understanding that she is constantly in go mode and relies heavily on her phone to multitask throughout her day. One minute she’s answering a work email, the next she’s ordering school supplies–all while she walks into the office. Reaching these busy consumers in a mobile-minded environment is a key part of our strategy.

So we formed Venus Media Group to help guide our clients and fellow female entrepreneurs as they navigate the ever-changing media landscape. We hope to inform and inspire women who are smart, strong, kind, beautiful and funny.